A wide range of fresh children’s fashion brands coupled with a well-thought-out strategy that responds to the current retail market. This may seem utopian these days. Or maybe it isn’t? Anfentine Agencies boldly chooses red-hot children’s brands in a fast-evolving fashion world.

Finding the right balance between commercial and unique is the connecting theme in Anfentine Agencies’ fashion story. Anfentine Agencies is a Belgian babies’ and children’s fashion agency, selling both clothing and accessories. Ann’s extensive experience and Olivia’s & Astrid's open-minded outlook make them the ideal partners to select up-and-coming fashion labels. Greet who is very customer and service minded completes the duo perfectly.

Successfully, too, because thanks to brands such as Mayoral, Laranjinha, Hust & Claire, Poetree and Condor, Anfentine Agencies offers a combination of trendy collections with a strong price/quality ratio, topped off with interesting margins and optimal sell through levels. What is more, Anfentine Agencies strives to provide excellent after-sales service.

Anfentine Agencies is careful in its selection of boutiques. Because, above all, the agency aims to establish long-lasting relationships with boutiques and brands, with a view to creating mutual growth. Anfentine Agencies is a place where beautiful labels and shops come together. Ann, Olivia, Astrid and Greet feel honour bound to maintain and nurture this connection for many years to come.