Mayoral plays the card of classy children’s wear that transcends the seasons. The label is aimed at wearable garments that are easy to combine. You could call it a children's line with the style of an adult collection. Mayoral is on the borderline between casual and sophisticated, with a fully-fledged child's wardrobe that impresses with fun details and impeccable finishing. The collection dresses the younger generations from birth to eighteen years.

By playing with markings and accents classic coupes get a fresh twist. Mayoral is also made with attention to every detail, with respect for beautiful materials, yet at an affordable price.

Mayoral starts out from traditional Spanish styles, but breathes new life into them every season. Mayoral shows its daring side every season by including mischievous prints in each collection. These go hand in hand with the essential eye-catchers that are part of every collection.

Mayoral has a history of over 70 years as a producer of quality children clothing and it is the leader in the latest advances of logistics. Get to know Mayoral by watching the corporate video.